Du Toitskloof Wines


Beauty and Wine Pairing

Du Toitskloof Wines teamed up with Fairlady magazine, Nikel Cosmetics and Minki Van Der Westhuizen for a fun and intimate brunch at Nitida Wine Estate.

It’s not often that you pair beauty products with wine, but this sensational collaboration with well-established Fairlady magazine and premium skincare brand Nikel, left ladies laughing at lightheartedness and engaged with what we had to share.

“Wine is to women, as duct tape is to men, it fixes everything.”

It was with this line that we started our pairing. Beauty regime’s can feel quite daunting - not to mention that moment when you look into the mirror and forget to see the memories of long beach days, summer loving and late night laughter. We see winkles, pigmentation and black half-moons lying under our eyes (insert noise that sound’s like a mirror’s glass cracking).

In comes Du Toitskloof Wines - we say, before you go to the mirror, before you start your beauty regime… relax, pop a bottle of bubbly and drink a glass (or two) - nobody’s looking if you’re doing your beauty routine in your bathrobe next to the toilet.

So we paired our lovely strawberry-nose rosés with fresh Alpine Rose Tonic and found fun parallels between our citrus-driven Quest MCC and Nikel’s face cream containing sweet orange notes and citrus aurantium dulcis oil.

A big thank you to Fairlady and Nikel Cosmetics for partnering with us and being such a sport.

Images and Video Content by Martin Evans from www.hellpants.com