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First Quarter

Written in January 2018.
happy new year.

January we see the last bit of preparation before harvest. While the sun beats down on us, the tractors are refueled, the extra labourers are recruited and we prepare as the vineyards beckon us to strip them of their fruity gems.

One of our winemakers recently said that we're so lucky in our region; that we're looking at great abundance this harvest season. She then continued to say, "Luck is not random though, Luck is when preparation meets opportunity." 

Let's prepare for a wonderful 2018.


Written in February 2018.
first fruits.

It all started at 6 this morning when the sun touched the Breedekloof mountains and dropped beams like a canopy over the valley. Every language knows the introduction to this story. That one word which captures the essence of this time we're entering. Racoolto. Cosecha. Récolte. Kuvuna. Parstyd. Harvest.

Sauvignon Blanc has been our flagship wine for over 10 years and we've decided to document the process from grape to glass in a series of short videos this year. The first shots were filmed this morning when the first Sauvignon Blanc grapes were handpicked on Wangenheim farm by Francois Botha and his team. Our first fruits of the season.

Here's to a bountiful harvest, in your life and in ours!


Written in March 2018.
stories + togetherness.

March always brings the year's introduction to a close. Slowly as the season changes the annual story finds its direction. 

We love stories - and the month of March is full of them. Du Toitskloof Wines is the very proud sponsor of the Afrikaans Woordfees Short Story Collection that is released during the first weekend of the annual US Woordfees taking place this month. Furthermore, we hand over a cash prize of R30 000 to the best short story.

We believe in stories. We believe in those who write the stories. It's the words and the actions of others that can often lead to our redemption. The testimony of another's fortune or misfortune.

"Cross the river in a crowd and the crocodile won't eat you," says an old African proverb.

We say let's be the crowd and let us share our stories of togetherness.


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