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Braai is Culture

Many South Africans affectionately call Heritage Day Braai-day. Although some view this as being politically incorrect and a total hi-jacking of the day set aside on which South Africans are encouraged to reflect and celebrate culture and diversity - we think it gives even more colour and juice (make that medium rare please) to the special public holiday.

Think of a traditional African ritual. You can probably imagine a chief, an open fire and a celebration of some sorts with drinks and food. There is normally dancing, laughter, singing and a connectedness with a greater purpose.

In South Africa, braai-ing is not merely meat on a fire - Braai is culture.

It shows diversity, passion, pride and takes you to the heart of many who call themselves South African. Making the fire is art. Watching the fire is therapy. You can imagine this ritual as well. There is always a chief - the braaimaster with tongs in his hand and spice in the other. Braaiing like traditional rituals, really is a celebration of our heritage; oupa and utatomkhulu both made food over the open fire. Braaiing also involves drinks, perhaps not fermented liquids in calabashes, but definitely a cold beer or glass of Chenin Blanc. Braais also normally lead to dancing, laughter and the connectedness found in the togetherness.

So we’re celebrating our heritage at Du Toitskloof Wines this year with a braai-recipe from our winemaker. It is simple, sensational and pairs perfectly with a glass of our Land’s End Syrah.


Shawn's Plankie Steak

You'll need:

  • 2 x Wooden Cutting Boards

  • Equal amounts of fresh Basil and Coriander (so let's say one serving of each)

  • Half  a serving of fresh Parsley

  • Fresh Garlic and Chillies (you decide how much)

  • Salt and Pepper

  • 1 x Lemon

  • Olive Oil

Let's go:

  • Finely chop up all your herbs, garlic and chillies

  • Mix them well and add salt and pepper

  • Now drizzle the Olive Oil to bind everything

  • Squeeze a little lemon juice for extra zing

  • Finally spread your zesty, green paste across Wooden Cutting Board #1 

Braai your steak. When it's ready, let it rest for a minute or two on Wooden Cutting Board #2. Cut the steak into thin slices and place it on top of your chopped bed of garlic greens in its original steak shape. Finally go and impress your guests and don’t forget to fill the glasses with our award-winning Land’s End Syrah.