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Beetroot and what?

We tried something different this year at our annual Breedekloof Soetes&Soup Festival. Yes, we're known for that. Du Toitskloof is known for being a young, vibrant, forward-thinking, risk-taking, adventurous company; unafraid of trying new things. 


"Beetroot and what?" (Face cringe)
"Beetroot, Apple and Fennel oom. The Beetroot will lower your blood pressure, the Apple is rich in antioxidants and the Fennel will really get your system going with the extra fibre - and it's Vegan too."
"What does Vegan mean?"
"Nevermind oom, it's like a red butternut soup with lots of garlic."
"Nee okay, throw some in."

As promised, here is Gwenyth Paltrow's Beetroot, Apple + Fennel Soup Recipe from her book It's All Good. Two ladies have blogged about it, Faygie from Life Tastes Good and Elissa Goodman

See you next year at Du Toitskloof - and who knows what recipe we might pull out of the recipe book in 2019.