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Fairtrade Update - LAPA Publishing house donates books

A few weeks ago Anneline Syfers was able to say her final goodbyes to the Mobile Library by donating a number of new children’s books that was sponsored by LAPA.

Five years ago Anneline Syfers (now Vaaltyn) was asked to become the librarian on the Fairtrade Mobile Library after running the Fairtrade Computer Centre at Lorraine Primary school with much commitment and professionalism. This year in April she was offered the opportunity to join the Tasting Room staff at Du Toitskloof Wines and pursue a career in hospitality. We feel excited to have her on board and though we are sure that she will miss the day-to-day interaction with the children on the bus, we look forward to watching her impact the lives of those around her in her new role.

Charlotte Moses has now taken over the place of Anneline and we wish her all of the best with her new task.

Thank you to LAPA for continued support, commitment and exciting collaborations in business, books and wine.

The Mobile Library was recently awarded an ATKV Woordveertjie Award - Click here for more.

Ed Beukes