Du Toitskloof Wines



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— Tahir Shah

When the founders of Du Toitskloof Wines dreamt of their young, innovative winery - they knew that the journey was as important as the destination. Du Toitskloof Wines was established by 6 wine farmers as a co-operative in 1962. The six visionaries bought the 18ha of land for R6000.00 from founder member, Visser de Wet and accepted its first grapes in February 1963. 

In the early years Du Toitskloof Wines became well known as a bulk-wine producer, yet after the winery began concentrating on the bottled wine market in the early 1990s, they soon cultivated a reputation as a progressive brand from the onset, not only in the innovative winemaking disciplines introduced at the cellar, but in its commitment to social development as a Fairtrade producer. The winery builds on three principles; they believe in always delivering a product of utmost quality, consistently, without compromising ethically.

Initially the cellar only consisted of a single steel-framed warehouse structure. A few decades later the warehouse was duplicated (doubling the cellar’s production and storage area) along with offices and a tasting room to accommodate expanding tourism activity and administrative needs. A total of 22 farms, all belonging to 13 members whose forebears counted among the founding members of the cellar, work together as a larger family with a strong sense of continuity and commitment.

Today Du Toitskloof Wines has established its name as a household wine brand, marketing an extensive range of bottled wine for every occasion that include red and white wines, in addition to fortified and sparkling wines - locally and internationally. The winery has always been innovative in terms of winemaking, experimenting with small plantings of lesser-known cultivars and has achieved considerable success. With a harvest of 16.5k tons of grapes that go on to become 12.5 million litres of wine, Du Toitskloof Wines put 3.8 million litres of packaged product on the shelves every year without losing the heart of those whose hands spent time skillfully crafting the Du Toitskloof brand over the years. 

The heritage of the past is the seed that brings forth the harvest of the future.
— Wendell Phillips