Du Toitskloof Wines




The soil is the great connector of our lives, the source and destination of all.
— Wendell Berry

Western Cape

Grapes from various vineyards in the Western Cape are selected for the premium Quest Range. The fruit must meet the Du Toitskloof Cellar Master’s requirements in creating a profile for each specific vintage.

They travel through different wine regions searching for the ultimate vineyard blocks and find gems along the way. Each vineyard offers a unique fingerprint aimed at their quest to create wines of individual character with their own personality. From these low-yield terroir-specific sites only the best grapes were hand-picked at optimum physiological ripeness to ensure fine, pure fruit reaching the winery.


Du Toitskloof Wines sources the majority of their grapes for their ranges from the Breedekloof valley, all within a 10km radius of the cellar. This sees to it that all the grapes share similar soil types and micro-climates. With a large array of different terroirs, the cellar makes wine with grapes that have grown along cool mountain slopes, in alluvial soils with high water-retention capabilities as well as sandy and rocky soils. 

Most of the vines are grafted onto Richter 99 and 101-14 rootstocks and receive supplementary irrigation based on hydrometer readings. Leaf canopies are actively managed to ensure bunches are kept in the shade and away from direct sunlight. Grapes are picked when they reach optimum physiological ripeness ensuring their intense colour and flavour spectrum.

In hot summers the vineyards are shaded from early on by the high peaks of the Du Toitskloof Mountains, leading to slow ripening and intensity of flavours. White wines produce tropical aromas of guava, gooseberry, pineapple and lichi, while the reds produce fruity dark berries, cherries, blackcurrant and fynbos nuances.

South Coast

For our premium South Coast Land’s End RangeDu Toitskloof Wines sources grapes from the most southerly vineyards in Africa. The long day length and moderate temperatures during ripening results in unique varietal expressions, low yields and the achievement of true physiological ripeness at moderate alcohol levels. Furthermore, high natural acid levels makes Land’s End a pleasurable drinking experience and adds to the aging potential of our wines.

Sauvignon blanc vineyards are specifically selected and managed to enhance a combination of tropical flavours such as passion fruit, litchi, winter melon and ripe fig and herbaceous flavours such as green fig, green beans and asparagus. High natural acid levels results in the limited use of added acid. This ensures a truly natural expression of fruit with a soft natural- and crisp acid as background. The combination of low yielding vineyards, high natural acids and moderate temperatures during the ripening period also adds to the aging potential of the Sauvignon blanc.

Shiraz vineyards are specifically selected and managed to produce wines with spicy, peppery and black fruit characters supported by a fleshy and complex mid pallet. The delicate use of small oak barrels enhances the Shiraz fruit characters and ensures a long and lingering aftertaste. This Shiraz is not only an accessible wine from release but will also improve with bottle aging.