Du Toitskloof Wines




Wine is the most civilised thing in the world.
— Ernest Hemingway



We believe the majesty of the mountains that surround us, the vineyards and the hands that have skillfully crafted the Du Toitskloof brand over the years, will continue to inspire wines that celebrate their heritage. 

Today the 22 member farms, together with the cellar, continue to build on the legacy of these visionaries and those who followed in their footsteps, producing exceptional wines that offer the best possible value.

Also available in 3L Bag-in-Box.





Sourcing grapes from the most southerly vineyards in Africa, Du Toitskloof produces this South Coast series as one of its premium ranges. The long day length and moderate temperatures during ripening results in unique varietal expressions, low yields and the achievement of true physiological ripeness at moderate alcohol levels.

Land’s End is an authentic Cape South Coast wine, owning and leading regional Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz in the world.





For this premium wine range Du Toitskloof selects grapes from various vineyards in the Western Cape chosen to meet the Cellar Master’s requirements in creating a profile for each specific vintage. 

We travel through different wine regions searching for the ultimate vineyard blocks, finding some gems along the way. Each vineyard offers a unique fingerprint aimed at our journey to create wines of individual character with their own personality. 

The Hero normally aims to obtain something by the Quest, and with his object, return home. The object can be something new that fulfills a lack in life.





Du Toitskloof brings a new dimension to the table of reds by producing an exceptional blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinotage whilst producing each of the single varietals as a stand alone of high quality red wine. 

Du Toitskloof remains innovative in terms of winemaking, experimenting with small plantings of lesser-known cultivars and has achieved considerable success with Nebbiolo which it introduced to the Breedekloof.





South Africa's sweet wines helped put the country on the international wine map way back when the Dutch East India Company sailors learned that the Cape of Good Hope wasn't only a pit-stop for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Since the 18th century, the most common kind of fortified wine from South Africa was called Cape Port (produced from Portuguese varieties). Year after year we produce award winning port-style Cape Ruby along with other well-known South African sweet wines like Hanepoot Jerepigo (from Muscat d'Alexandria) and Red Muscadel (from Muscat d'Frontignan).

The category remains consistently strong in South Africa and is affectionately called 'soetes' in Afrikaans.





sparkling range

Did someone say Bubbles? Du Toitskloof Sparkling Range turns any get-together into a special occasion. With our off-dry and crispy Sauvignon Blanc Brut and his sweeter companion - the Pinotage driven Vin Doux - every guest at the party will be able to cheers to a speech with something enjoyable in their champagne glass.

Du Toitskloof Wines' MCC falls under the Quest range, having undergone the delicate second fermentation in the bottle. The other two sparkling wines however are given their effervescence by the injection of carbon dioxide which ensures that the wine produces that desired sparkle.






tunnel range

 The tunnel through the Du Toitskloof mountains opened up the South African winelands, joining the Cape’s two most prolific wine regions. This range of easy-drinking wines reflect the quality, craftsmanship and vision of those who engineered the famous tunnel, which remains a landmark to this day. 

Colloquially these easy-drinking wines are known on a Friday as the light at the end of the tunnel.